Reading For A Reason

Purchase a book and support a cause, locally and world-wide.

[ash-ling] takes philanthropy serious, so once a year we choose a handful of Georgia based not-for-profits to help out financially. We contribute a portion of each sale from our Reading For A Reason titles to their paired not-for-profit cause.

How are our causes selected? First, they are brought to our attention by our customers, the team, the media, or any other way God chooses to lay it out in front of us. Secondly, we gather information about them and sit down to discuss what they're about, what can be done, and what our part in the solution may be. Third, and most importantly we pray about which ones we should select. Once the list is decided upon we pick a good read that somehow links itself back to the cause. A linked book may be about the causes topic, location, a victim story, or even an idea. Lastly, we upload the information on our website and keep track of it's sells. Proceeds are then sent to the appropriate not-for-profit.

So, go ahead, read...for a reason!  

Book Fairs

We offer hassle & risk free bookfairs to benefit your school or organization. Fairs of all sizes can be customized and organized to fit the criteria at hand and to help your goals be reached. We work firectly with your staff to provide personalized service and recommendations. 

Depending on sales you will earn 10 - 30% of books and sidelines sold from the book fair!  Our fairs are similar to other nationally run book fairs, but with the benefit of titles from all publishers. When possible we will provide book talks and author presentations to coincide with the fair and work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and get your students excited about reading. 


Educators & Students

Teachers and college students residing in Stephens County receive a discount of 10% off of all orders. Please show your ID at time of purchase. 

For school purchases of 25 or more please see our Bulk Book Order discounts listed below.

Book Club Buyers

We welcome book club purchases and extend a discount for them on a sliding scale.

Orders of: 6 or more of the same title: 15% off, 10 or more of the same title: 18% off, 16 or more of the same title: 20% off 

Civic Organizations

To help our civic & community organizations build their resource libraries we offer a discount of 20% when 12 different titles are purchased at one time.

Please show appropriate organization identification at time of purchase.  

Bulk Book Purchases

Orders of 25 or more of the same title will receive a bulk book order discount of 26% off the MSRP. 

If you would like the bookstore to be established as a vendor for your business or organization, please contact us and we will be work with you.  

Gifts For Booklovers

Book Of The Month Club

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow reader? Our Book Of The Month club is different from any other book club. Each month we hand select a book by taking into consideration the ike and interests you provide when signing up. Consider a Book Of The Month Club Membershop teh next time you need a gift for a child, friend, teacher, spouse, neighbor, father, mother, sister, brother, anyone! Call us or stop by the store to purchase this guft for someone....or yourself.